Teddy Mathias


Hapticscapes gives form and structure to invisible forces — vibration & sound.

This participatory work invites visitors to discover and play with invisible structures & superstructures. An architecture of the invisible – made of sounds & vibrations — augments the familiar realities of real cities & spaces.

The spatial composer places sound & haptic triggers in hyperlocal space, saving them to a persistent AR overlay on the world. Recorded sounds can be stored permanently in the space the size of a single flower. Visitors uncover the scapes by passing the Divining Rod through the invisible voids contained by the structures.

“Sous les pavés, la plage!”

"Under the paving stones, there is a beach!"

“Divining Rod”

This probe vibrates & plays sounds when it enters a spatial trigger.

A grease bucket in New Haven triggers patterned vibrations.

Exhibition I.
Yale University 
New Haven, CT.

June 2019

The first public participatory exhibition of Hapticscapes — part of a gathering of artists working in emerging media. Scapes filled storm drains, manholes, grease barrels, and patches of nature with sound & vibrations.


Project Launch
Los Angeles, CA.
February 2019

The project began with a basic prototype of AR haptic & sonic triggers in real space. Later,  the project expanded into the development of a toolkit for making & saving scapes at city-scale.